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Applications by students are no more a hustle.

CollegeStop enables the students at your institute to apply for companies with single click of a button and track the status of their applications during the Placement Season

Easy Access

The application is accessable from any device.


The product is highly customizable as per your requirement.

Easy Tracking

You can track the status and progress of every job and student at a micro level.


You as an Institute get to set the rules for your students.

Ready for the Future

CollegeStop enables you to be future ready by preparing database of your Alumni and create the best value out of this relationship.

One Time Registration

The Students have to register just one time to apply to reqisitions resulting in time efficiency.


All the information on CollegeStop is on cloud so no need to maintain physical servers and worry about security.

Analytics and Reporting

CollegeStop give you real time Dashboards and reports to support the decision making process.

We aim at
Your Pain

A placement management and alumni relations application helping the educational institutes to carry out the processes efficiently and maintain the integrity of data and process. CollegeStop acts as a DBMS for the mentioned processes with scaling up capabilities to become a full ERP solution. CollegeStop aims at eliminating Task Redundancy, act as a single repository for multiple faces of Data Sets and Task/Steps Tracking Management.

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